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About "Pearl"

We are here to create a responsible COMMUNITY that is at peace with feminine energy and nature, which will lead us to a WORLD where gender inequality does not exist. 

How miraculous is the formation of the Pearl!

In 10 years, the oyster turns the grains of sand into a precious and rare PEARL.

Pearl's story inspired us in our dream of social transformation.

In fact, we all have the inner power to transform ourselves into PEARL.

PEARL as a group of activists and an NGO in Turkey, we turn this inner power into producing transformation projects to discover Pearl.

We dream of creating a sustainable world that respects all living beings and where gender inequality doesn’t exist.


We are dreamers who think and act for our own transformation and then for social transformation. Our corporate experiences in different sectors and our years of experience in civil society especially in the field of gender equality have brought us to the Pearl dream. We are a team composed of people who come together and share this dream.

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