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First Period Kit

The first period kit transforms negative perceptions of the menstruation into a process of celebration and discovery.

We develop our products with the power we receive from nature and holistic knowledge, and support young girls during the menstruation by pulling the cover of guilt thrown on them and helping them to reconcile and discover in this process.

We are here to create a responsible community that is at peace with feminine energy and feels as a whole with nature.



Speak the unspoken. 

Discover yourself with menstrual cycle awareness..

Don’t be ashamed. Strengthen. Become free.

Menstruation is a social taboo. In order to normalize this period and to live emotionally and physically healthy, we need a RADICAL CHANGE.

Through the products, you will have access to sexual development information, and through the menstrual cycle awareness, you will discover yourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Healing with Nature

The menstrual cycle is a wonderful compass that reminds you of your own nature!

You will feel better emotionally and physically as you pay attention to your own natural process that comes with the menstrual cycle and the cycle of nature which you actually witness every day. At the Ecological Living Center, you will produce your own remedy with the packages prepared to support you on this journey and the ecological products in it; the plants supporting the menstrual period and do it yourself kits, through which you will step into a whole life with nature.



Women are producing with good intentions for young girls.

The first kit was established on the basis of a social enterprise that creates employment for women who are exposed to social exclusion. With the products you buy here, you will support the creation of employment for women in the Ecological Life Center, and you will raise funds for other projects of Pearl.

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