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Change leaders;

They are passionate individuals who work for gender equality from different socio-economic structures, transforming themselves and those around them with their inspiring features.



 Have passion to change gender inequality,

Have feminine leadership skills, like open communication, acceptance of sensitivity and compassionate connection,

Have such as ethical stance that will set an example with their own transformation and change.

 As the NGO, we support PEARLs' (who are passionate to work and live with these values) internal and systematic empowerment processes to increase their social impact towards GENDER EQUALITY.   

We believe that we will reach our dream community together by empowered PEARLs,      the change leaders. 

Theory of Change

According to their needs, Pearl Change Leaders are supported with tools such as psychotherapy, empowerment camps with outdoor sports, retreats, social entrepreneurship trainings, project markets where they will meet with social investors, presentation techniques, technology and financial trainings.


Theory of Change

 When PEARLs are, 

Stronger in the SYSTEM by improving technological skills, financial literacy, social entrepreneurship capacities,

Stronger İNSİDE by being at peace with feminine power, increasing self-confidence,​

More part of DECİSİON MAKING MECHANISMS through the support of the community that accepts them as they are

the CHANGE we want will occur.

When PEARLs are more 'powerful' inside, in the system and when they are more in decision making mechanisms, we will get a step closer to our DREAM.

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